Impacted Canines

Impacted Canines, an Orthodontics-Driven procedure

The adult dentition has two maxillary (upper) and two mandibular (lower) canine teeth.  These are sometimes referred to as cuspids or eye teeth.  Canines have the longest root in the mouth and erupt around the age of 13.  These teeth are critical in the overall design and function of how all the teeth work together in harmony.

Aside from wisdom teeth, the maxillary canines are the last teeth to erupt.  If the patient’s mouth lacks the space for these teeth to come in straight, the canines sometimes get “crowded out.”  When this happens, the canines become impacted, or stuck, high in the bone.  Dr. Eckles will work closely with your orthodontist to plan a procedure to have the tooth exposed and bonded, so it can be redirected into the mouth and aligned as part of your comprehensive orthodontic plan.

As with any surgical procedure in our office, IV conscious sedation can be utilized to help keep you (or your child) comfortable throughout, with minimal to no memory of the appointment.