Botox Tallahassee, FL - Alternative Treatment for TMJ

Botox Tallahassee

Do you suffer from headaches, facial pain, and cracked teeth due to uncontrollable clending and grinding or TMJ disorder?  Did you know that Botox injections in the jaw muscles is a time-tested (30 years!), safe, and effective treatment option for these symptoms?  Botulinium toxin (Botox, Xeomin) is the only treatment option for clenching and grinding that is effective 24 hours a day, day and night.  Dr. Tracy Eckles is one of the few providers of Botox in Tallahassee certified by the American Association of Facial Esthetics.  

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Some important facts about Botox:

 1.  Botox/Xeomin is a protein that blocks nerve stimulation that causes muscle fibers to contract, lessening or eliminating the detrimental effect of over-contraction, while not affecting the ability to chew, talk, or function as needed.

2.  Treatment only takes a few minutes and requires no down time.

3.  One treatment is effective for three months.  After the muscles get "retrained" (3-6 treatments), many patients lose the habit, allowing them to space out or stop treatments altogether.

4.  As a result of less clenching and grinding, patients often experience less headaches and less facial pain.

5.  Excessive pressures of grinding often lead to cracked teeth that cannot be fixed and need to be extracted.  Botox/Xeomin injections protect your teeth from these forces, helping to maintain strong long lasting teeth.  


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